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Good morning,

We hope that you are well and wanted to keep in touch and share some great spring news from sunny Spain!

The temperatures here are rising, we’re enjoying a warm beginning of spring with fantastic 18-20 degrees! Also, the last wave of pandemia here is ending, with low levels of infections and increasing number of vaccinations.

Many of our clients from Europe are already booking their long awaited travel to the Costa del Sol, both for holidays and for property viewings.

Malaga airport now offers quick PCR testing for those who require it and as of Janurary 2021, Andalucia also provides a free insurance to the visitors to cover any medical and accommodation expenses related to Covid

So, we hope you’re one of the many tourists planning to visit our beautiful paradise this Easter or summer 2021!

If so, we would be happy to assist you in any way possible, as well as of course find the best holiday accommodation with relevant arrangements and a personalized property selection for you to view if that’s still something of interest to you.

We leave you with a couple of our favourite newbuild projects of the month and wish you a happy healthy spring!